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Game Projects

Farm for your Life

During daytime, you build your own farm and restaurant. During the night, you have to defend your property from zombies.

Sky Arena

Sky Arena is Starfox-Multiplayer. You pilot a jet fighter to battle either against three of your friends, in local couch-multiplayer, or online against the rest of the world.

Game Jam Projects

Otherworld (1 month)

We wanted to create a relaxing, meditative experience for the Oculus and Leap Motion. Otherworld is a slow puzzler that encourages you to look around and experience the environment while uncovering the secrets of a mystical place.

A Letter to my Valentine (48 hours)

A Letter to my Valentine is a psychological multiplayer thriller. You play either as a stalker or as the victim. As the stalker you have to blend into the crowd while trying to take pictures of the victim, who tries to spot you.


Oliver Eberlei (oliver@hammer-labs.com)